What ECO stands for in our company name?
It means that we stick to what we believe in - We use natural materials, recycled products, and raw materials that can be recycled in the future.
Why is it important to use recycled products?

PET is made from recycled plastic bottles, which helps reduce the negative impact on the environment. We all understand that in the modern world there is too much plastic waste, which pollutes forests and oceans. By using recycled plastic, we contribute to the preservation of our planet's nature

4 reasons to choose ECOBRUSH

  • Large assortment
    We offer a wide range of over 200 popular household and garden products, as well as body and hair care items that are consistently in high demand among our customers.
  • Expertise
    More than 10 years of experience in the development and production of brushes and brushes on a wooden base and beech products.
  • Reliability
    We conclude a contract, strictly observe the delivery time, guarantee the quality.
  • Support for aspiring entrepreneurs

    We do not impose any limitations on the order value.

    You are welcome to purchase as little as one box

    of a single item.

Discover how brush making process is organized
The brush starts from the timber. Beech timber undergoes complex processing, including sawing and drying.
Blanks (literally, blocks of wood) arrive at our factory, are sorted according to specifications, and are put into storage, waiting to be transformed into brushes.
First of all, the workpiece is sent to the milling machine where it is shaped.
The operator places wooden blocks into the workpiece cassette and removes the finished pads.
The pads are then sent for waxing. The mastic and pads are placed in a rotating tumbling drum, were the brushes are coated with a special mixture of linseed oil and beeswax.
The next step is to stuff the pile into the pads on a stuffing machine. Tufts of pile are inserted into a block and fixed in place according to a specially designed programme.

Now that the brushes are ready, it is time to carefully pack them into boxes and store them in our warehouse. They will be safely stored until they are purchased and ready for shipment.
Первым делом заготовка отправляется во фрезеровочный станок – именно там она приобретает свою форму. Оператор закладывает
в кассету заготовки
и вытаскивает готовые колодки.
Затем колодки отправляются
на обработку мастикой. Мастика и колодки помещаются в галтовочный барабан, который вращается, и щётки пропитываются специально смесью льняного масла и пчелиного воска.
We offer eco-friendly brushes for comfortable living
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